Civil Rights


Our firm has experience in cases involving civil rights violations against law enforcement agencies and their personnel under state, federal and constitutional law. 

Civil rights cases against law enforcement involves issues of false arrest and imprisonment, excessive force, negligence, police brutality, negligent hiring, supervision and training, unlawful or warrantless searches and seizures, and discriminatory policing. They are governed by numerous state and federal statutes, including 42 U.S.C. §1983, as well as provisions in both the state and federal constitutions. 

At CLG, we strive to seek compensation for our clients as a result of the physical, mental, and economic injuries they have suffered. Misconduct by law enforcement can result in debilitating physical injuries, emotional trauma, loss of freedom, harm to reputation, and loss of wages, not to mention the costs incurred by such injuries. We file cases in both state supreme court and federal district court throughout New York. 

If you feel your rights have been violated by the police, FBI, or other state or federal law enforcement agencies, contact us for a free case evaluation.

But act fast!

Lawsuits against law enforcement agencies and personnel are governed by a strict statute of limitations as well as other procedural requirements. Actions against the City of New York require that you file a "Notice of Claim" with the city within 90 days of the incident or conclusion of prosecution.                                                                                    

| A failure to file a timely Notice of Claim can result in you losing your rights |

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