Criminal Defense

CLG's Criminal Defense and Appeals practice combines aggressive defense strategies and prosecutorial insight in order to achieve the best results for our clients. Our firm comprises experienced defense attorneys and former prosecutors to devise a defense that is tailor made for the specifics of a given case. This team-driven approach ensures that the issues arising from a case are addressed from every angle.

We understand that facing an arrest and prosecution is a frightening experience. A strong and well planned defense is critical to obtaining the justice that is deserved and ensuring that our clients' rights are protected.

Criminal cases rely on evidence and not mere allegations. Likewise, prosecutors must prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. With this in mind, CLG has the experience and skill necessary to scrutinize the evidence against our clients, investigate the allegations and raise reasonable doubt.

Our attorneys will attack every aspect of a criminal prosecution from its inception, challenging the facial sufficiency of a criminal complaint, to pre-trial Dunaway, Mapp & Huntley hearings, search warrant issues, Darden hearings, through trial, impeaching and discrediting the prosecution's witnesses and evidence, and if necessary, appeals. 

For an overview of the criminal process, click here. 

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